Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MRI & Echo, done!

It was another relatively easy day for all of us. The four of us trucked into Boston at the crack of dawn and were sitting in the MRI waiting room at exactly 7:30am. We checked in and then waited an hour for a nurse to come get us. I have to tell you...I would say the single worse part of all of this hospital stuff is the wait. Children's Hospital is probably the mecca of medical talent, and you can see it in the multitude of nationalities represented in the patients and their families, but the trade-off is you wait, and wait and wait some more to talk to the doctors. In the case of this mornings wait, the doctors somehow were not informed that we were in the waiting room. Oh well. Least of our problems.

I brought Luna in, and Sienna and Daddy stayed in the waiting room. Once in the patient room I was 'debriefed' on the day ahead. Luna was to be first given an oral sedative to make her drowsy and then they would strap-on the oxygen mask and enter the lines into her veins. Foolish Mama, but I only today realized why they had to completely knock Luna out. This was so they could control her breathing during her MRI, and most importantly, artificially stop her breathing in order to blast off several rounds of photos of her lungs. Since her lungs are such a big deal in the surgery, and her heart condition in general, they needed to be recorded completely and totally still. This hit me like a ton of bricks at 8am, but the nurses all seemed like, 'sure, we stop her breathing and snap off her photos, no big deal'. Like this is something I used to require of couples when I shot weddings. Seriously, that's how calm they were about it. This gave a whole new meaning to 'hold still for the camera'. So, after that nugget of news, they proceeded to give Luna the oral sedative. This had to be the cutest part of the entire day. Hopefully you've never seen a baby drunk, and certainly it's no laughing matter, but under the circumstances I think it's good to find laughs in between all the scary stuff. After just one dose of the pink liquid, Luna immediately started swaying. She sits up now. (Well, almost. Someone needs to be right near her in case she topples over). Well Little Lu sucked back that medicine and she immediately started swaying, giggling and blowing raspberries. I mean, this would have been a winner on AFV, seriously. She continued on in this drunken manner until her eyes drooped shut and her body finally caved to the 'happy juice'. It was adorable. I thought to myself what a perfect way to be whisked away from Mama. (and how could I get my hands on some during tomorrow's surgery).

Once Luna was wheeled away, the three of us had exactly three hours to kill. Park, TV and lunch and we were back. When I returned to the room Luna was sitting up in the hospital crib wearing her johnny, watching TV and looking strangely adult-like. Once she saw me I was greeted by a huge smile. She looked puffy, and still had some lines in her, but otherwise she was great. In fact, the doctors were telling me as she started to come-to during the echo she awoke happy; cooing and gnawing on her oxygen mask. I'm not kidding about this, either! When I saw this child is chill...I mean it!

The end of the day was comprised of waiting and waiting and waiting some more. Luna nursed and fussed out a bit but then fell asleep. Sienna by now was pretty much losing it (been up since 5am, it was 3pm-no nap, you get the picture), so the nurses brought her up to the nurses station and let her 'answer phones'. I can just imagine that phone call...

Finally Dr. Brown came in and said the photos looked great. Her left pulmonary artery is pretty kinked, so they'll fix that, along with removing her shunt and performing the Glenn (bringing down the Superior vena cava vein and tying it into her pulmonary artery).

We got home around 5pm and the girls played as usual. Just another day. Tomorrow Sienna will stay behind with her Grandmother and the three of us report to the hospital for an 8:15am surgery.


Mindi said...

What a day. I love that you find the joy in those silly moments at the hospital. My son had "the juice" earlier this year for a wrist surgery and we still laugh about seeing him in that intoxicated state. I am glad to hear that they got good pics and have a plan together for tomorrow. You are in our hearts, our prayers, our thoughts. Luna is a champ and so are you. Thank you for giving me an attitude to aspire to.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

She's amazing. Seems like this will all be a breeze for this little one. Make sure to tell Sienna Amy says hi and gives her lots of kisses!! Can't wait to see you all when your back.