Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Day After

It was another long day at the hospital. Because there were no beds available in the step-down unit (aka regular cardiac wing where the kids go when they leave intensive care) Luna stayed in the CICU. It was just as well. Though she is doing perfectly well, actually well ahead of the curve, she was really uncomfortable. Her mood/attitude was somewhere between stoic and resentful. We didn't see a smile out of her all day. Of course, how can we blame her. And she seemed almost angry with me. She wouldn't look at me. She starred at the TV-all. day. long. Health-wise she's in excellent shape. Her sats were rising nicely all day. When we got there in the morning she was in the low seventies, and by the time we left she was in the eighties. She did have the help of a little oxygen-the kind of devise that has two tubes that goes up into your nostrils. She spent much of the day scratching and pulling at it. Luna did what she needed to do in order to prove she was fast-tracking it outta the ICU which consited of eating (tons, 5 bottles in the time we were there and poop (it's a big deal after surgery that your bowels work-poor Lu-she'll read this in as an adult and be mortified). Little by little wires and leads are being taken off of her. For meds she's taking an antibiotic for the drain tube that protrudes from her heart. This is by far the ickiest 'thing', it's a drain bulb that pulls excess blood off her heart. It'll come out tomorrow morning-and will be the last bout of big pain she should endure. Otherwise she's on lasix to pull the excess fluid off her lungs, Tylenol, and morphine as needed. Tonight everything will be pulled from her except for an IV (so they can administer meds as needed), so she'll be almost line-free when she arrives to her new hospital digs tomorrow am. The doctors are predicting she'll be discharged sometime Monday. Fingers crossed. Mama would do anything to be in her own bed watching TV with both girls right now.

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Lyndsay said...

Awww, Luna is such a champ! I hope all is continuing to go well and you are getting the support you need.