Friday, September 26, 2008

I guess I can log-on afterall

Okay, well I'm here again. Last time we were in I couldn't pull-up this site. I'm happy to report I'm in the play room on the public computer in the step down unit and Little Luna is here next to me in a stroller (yes, a stroller, not hooked-up to anything, like I could wheel her out the rotating main door if I wanted to be reckless).
Her mood has improved drastically and I promise, her face is back to normal. She still has those silly round band-aids on her chubby cheeks-only because no nurse has volunteered to tear them off. This afternoon after two straight days in a hospital crib and starring at cartoons Luna started to seem, not sick, but bored. She was grunting and fussy and listless so a nurse I've never seen before came to rescue and brought in a stroller. We disconnected Lu from all the monitors (yes, every single one!) and carefully placed her in the carriage. I walked her around the ICU floor for two hours. Let me tell you, what a difference did that make! She perked-up immediately, and was back cooing, smiling and engaging anyone who would look her way with her bright, big eyes. She's so happy in fact that I have yet to take her out and place her in her crib. Dr. Brown came to take a listen-said she sounded great-and strode away with not a word about putting her on the monitors. She is only TWO DAYS POST OPEN HEART SURGERY!! Can you say Superbaby?

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