Friday, September 26, 2008

Move over Luna, Mama's coming in!

This morning Paul and I check-out of the hotel. For the next however many nights till Luna comes home I'll be sleeping on the 'sofa-bed' (more like an oversized chair that pulls out) in Luna's room. Paul will go home to relieve his mom of Sienna. Then the two of them will come back in and visit us tomorrow and Sunday. Due to the HIPPA privacy laws I won't be posting until we're home. (Blogs, along with Facebook, are considered social networking sites and they're blocked on the hospital PCs). Good thing there's lots going on in the news, I'm going to have a lot of down time while Luna sleeps!

Thanks so much for all your messages of your really means a lot to us. Bye for now~


Mommy said...


I'm just now checking in. What GREAT news to read that everything is going so well! I have to admit that pic of her precious face all bandaged up was heartbreaking.

Enjoy the TV time - I dare say if you have to sit and do nothing for several days, at least current events are pretty exciting!


Mindi said...

Sabrina and Luna,
Enjoy your girls weekend together. Luna looks amazing. We are so happy things have gone so well.

Take care,