Monday, September 22, 2008

The Glenn is upon us.

I can't believe it, but we're here. Today was pre-op, and honestly, it was a breeze. Maybe I'm just getting used to hospitals and all the tests, but seriously it was e-z. Mama is pretty tired and I have a fresh baked apple pie waiting for me in the kitchen (that Memere made today. She even etched L.V with a heart in the crust, I mean, seriously, how sweet??)

This morning Paul, Luna and I all hit the road at 6:15am for a 7:30 arrival at Children's. Naturally we hit traffic so we were an hour late. But it was fine. The day consisted of an EKG, blood work, then a weight, height, sats, and blood pressure check. Luna continues to grow well (as I said before this babe can eat, eat, eat!!)

Her vitals were perfect. Strangely her sats have improved, despite the fact that she has more than doubled her weight and almost her height. I say strange because as the babies grow, they begin to outgrow their temporary shunts. For whatever reason her sats range from 86 all the way up to 93 (!!).
Her weight is 15.5 lb and she grew a whopping three and half inches since our 4 month appointment. She was born at 19 inches, then she hung out at about 23 inches, and now she is 26.3 inches!!

Along her getting her vitals we talked with her card, and anesthesiologist and several nurses.

The rest of the week goes like this:

Tomorrow: 7:30 am arrival for anesthesia so she may have her MRI and echo. I was a little bummed to find out that rather than ingesting the oral sedation she had for her last sedated echo, Luna will actually be put under general anaesthesia. Yuck. This of course requires her to 'come to' in a recovery room. All for good cause, that is to keep her totally and completely still for the MRI so the doctors may see all organs before she goes in for surgery.

Wednesday: 7.30 am arrival for surgery. We're in the first slot, which is good, less waiting around.

Tomorrow Sienna is joining us, so the four of us will go in together. The hardest part is Luna can't eat after 1:30 tonight. And as I said, this baby can eat.

That's all for now...think happy thoughts for us!


Likes Chocolate said...

Our prayers will be with Luna as she goes through the surgery and recovery. We will also keep you in our prayers to give you the strength you will need to take care of your sweet little girl. Heavenly Father love you and is watching over you.

Mindi said...

Sooooo many happy thoughts coming your way. Luna is exceptional and she will come through this exceptionally well. I have a feeling she has the same determined, take charge attitude I see in her mom. Go Luna!

Mindi and McKay

Anonymous said...

Charlie and I will be thinking of Luna Ruth tomorrow and sending our love and good vibes too all of you. Go Luna!!