Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Fun (without getting a chest scar wet)

Yesterday was my favorite type of day; hazy, hot and humid. Not up for battling the beach traffic, I racked my brain for something we could do with the girls in the yard that involved cool water. For a brief moment, I thought of pulling out the Slip 'N Slide, until I remembered that to use the classic lawn slide, Luna would have to slam down on her chest and slide down a wet, plastic sheath; and risk submerging her scar in an inch of water. So, that was out.

Post-open heart surgery, it is recommended that the patient doesn't swim for five weeks or participate in contact sports for eight. Swimming is off limits because you don't want to run the risk of the scar-which in Luna's case is maybe 6 inches or so-getting so saturated that it breaks open. Contact sports must be avoided because naturally a blow to the chest, after a major surgery in which the heart is moved and hardware is inserted into the body, just isn't a good idea.

Luckily The Architect had already considered these things and pulled out a fancy sprinkler and water guns for the girls. The sprinkler was purchased at Target for $10 and the squirters were four for a buck at the dollar store.

As you can see, a lot of fun was had for just $11!

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Hazel Nut said...

She looks great! And she looks like she is having so much fun :) it is amazing how quickly kids can recover and move on.