Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Simple Thank You

Luna clutching her daddy on a recent camping trip in the White Mountains.

Now that the big stuff is behind us, it feels like a natural time to pause for a moment. My friend Mindi remarked in an email recently that we'll look back at this time "with amazement at the difficulties and the victories".

Indeed we will. Sometimes all of it seems like a movie. A very long movie, and one that held our attention captive for the past two years. Finally, the drama is over, and like walking out of a dark theater on a sunny day, the light is blinding. Our eyes are adjusting. Slowly the world around us is coming into focus.

I think for me, perhaps the most special memory, will be that of all the generosity poured our way. It was, and continues to be remarkable. Back in March, I wrote this blog post which illustrated the beginning of our journey through a fundraiser spearheaded by Marlow Rahn, a fellow Seacoast Mothers Association member. Like anything, it took just one person to reach out, and from there, others joined in. The fundraiser raised over $11,000. But the giving didn't stop there. Luna's school waived June tuition for our heart warrior, even though she miraculously only missed the first two weeks. (and honestly, she could have gone back after the first week, the only concern was that one of her classmates would knock her down, and subsequently bruise her healing chest).

Outside of the fundraiser, family, friends and complete strangers shared zoo passes, baseball tickets and cooked and delivered home cooked meals to our door. And of course, not looking over perhaps the biggest gift one can give, that being time. And loads of the precious commodity was put aside to help Luna.

To all of you, we thank you.

Paul, Sabrina, Sienna & Luna

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likeschocolate said...

She really is darling. I am glad she is doing so well. It is amazing that we somehow survive this.