Saturday, June 5, 2010

Right Back at It. (Insurance again)

I don’t want to spend my time blogging about this. I much rather spread the message of hope to others about Luna's speedy recovery from the Fontan. But once again The Health Insurance Company has hijacked our time, money and good spirits.

So here I am, blogging in attempt to get the corrupt ways out to the masses. One, because I need to document the sheer hell that Insurance Corp puts us through, and two, I dream of testifying against all of the Big-wigs at the Insurance Companies on the floor of congress one day. I will do my small part to change the way American runs its health insurance program. In my dreams, patients who were denied treatments from their insurance carrier, who as a result died, like this little girl here, will at least not die in vein. In this country, even an accidental death can result in second degree murder. So, why should these Health Insurance Companies, who very concertedly deny coverage to people (kids, even!), be shielded from serving a term for nothing short of murder?

So, you’re not going to believe this. Here goes the latest round with Big Insurance.

While I was in the hospital with Luna-getting her through her third and hopefully last open heart surgery, The Architect called to say there are insurance problems again.

Can we just stop right here. Let me repeat: a mother in the hospital with her two-year-old, trying to get her girl through surgery, and I have Insurance issues to worry about.

Ok, moving on.

The Architect went on to explain that the latest statements had two erroneous charges on them. The total out of pocket charges on the statements? Nearly $14,000. But for now, we’ll focus on just one of them.

One charge was for $4065, in which The Insurance company states I am the consumer, and apparently on 4/14/10 I had some type of service done at UMass Memorial Health center.

That’s funny. I’ve never even been to the place. And on that date I was with photographer Greg West touring the Boston Residential Design & Contruction Show.

This is where it get’s stranger than fiction.

Paul, aka, The Architect decides to call my primary care physicians to try to make some sense of the claim.

The receptionist, a young man took Paul’s call: and explained that he too has (insert big Insurance Provider here) and got a statement with the same exact charge, also from UMass Memorial Health center.

Can’t make this stuff up folks.

Nick, the receptionist explained that when he called to contest the charges, Big Insurance responded saying, “Oh, we know what happened, there is another man with your name and same birthday, that must be it”.

Well, guess what? With this little invention called the internet, it’s pretty easy to look up to see who has your name. There is no other Nick (insert unusual last name here), with his exact birthday; month, day and year.

And that really doesn’t explain why I got the same charges. Does Big Insurance want to tell me that there is another Sabrina Velandry out there?

Nick, works in health, and his parent company, concerned and bothered by the claim, and the Insurance Company's rebuttal to it, has taken up to investigating the case. I faxed over my statement, which will be part of this investigation.

When I called Big Insurance, the woman I spoke with Beth K. actually said to me: “well, this is not the fault of (Insert name of Big Insurance carrier here)”.

Let’s just stop here to reflect upon the dysfunctional culture of the entire company. First, can you think of another company where employees do not release their last names? Tells ya something, doesn’t it. Secondly, if this was your company, and you were alerted to such an error, would you not make it priority to stop whatever fraudulent behavior was stemming from your corporation?

Stay tuned folks; something tells me this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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