Saturday, March 8, 2008

Welcome to our new blog!

I've been thinking about creating this blog for months now. My friend and client Cathy recommended Sara of Sadie Olive Designs. She took my vision and designed a blog in just under 3 days! I rather love it. A little background about why we created this blog: In just three days (!!) I'll be delivering our second daughter. Our first, Sienna is 2. She's the sweetest little thing who right now happens to be in bed with a really bad cold-poor thing-we took her to get rain boots this morning and she laid down on the floor and tried to go 'night-night' right there in the middle of Hanna Anderssen.

So when Paul and I went in for the 20 week ultrasound the technician told us 'she couldn't get a good look at the heart'. I later learned that when doctors say that, it's code for, 'there's a problem with the heart'. It's probably the scariest thing you can hear when going in for the 'fun' u/s to learn the baby's sex. We were sent in to Children's one very long week later and our fears were confirmed: the baby girl I'm carrying has a series of heart defects.

Though we won't know the exact status of her heart till Tuesday afternoon after I deliver, or even Wednesday, we know for sure she has dextrocardia. It's actually a fascinating phenomenon where the heart is located on the right, instead of the left. In her case her heart is flipped - much like if you could see through your body as you look in the mirror-the heart would appear on the right-and be a mirror image of what it should be. Still more interesting, there are no health issues that come along with dextrocardia-people with this condition are special, instead of left-handed they are 'right-hearted'. She also has been diagnosed with DILV which stands for Double Inlet Left Ventricle. Most of us have two chambers: a right and a left, but our baby only has one-and the doctors are 99% sure it's the left, but due to the disorientating nature of dextro he can't be sure.

The baby-who I should mention already has a name-Luna Ruth. The deal is whoever guesses the right sex is given the privilege to name the baby. With both our daughters Paul has guessed the right sex at the u/s. So if you like the names, then give credit to my husband, and if you don't, well you can blame my husband! I am responsible for the middle names-Sienna Grace is named for my father's mother and Luna Ruth is named for my mother's mom. Both Grace and Ruth appear in the vintage photos you see here. Grace is the young woman with the 20's 'sweep' hair and enormous eyes. Ruth is the girl in the middle of the two guys wearing those fantastic 1920's bathing suits. I promised myself that I would write short posts to keep with good blogging etiquette. I'll just wrap up saying I'm SO happy that this is my last weekend pregnant. And of course even happier to meet Miss Luna Ruth!


Cathy said...

Sabrina, All my love and prayers go out to you, Paul, Sienna and Luna Ruth.

Luna Ruth is a strong little girl and is going to make her mark in this world in a very "Magical" way. Great things are in store for her.

I am thinking of you all and hope we can catch up on everything next week. Until then, all my love.


Mommy said...

Hi Sabrina,

This is Phaedra from BBC. I hope you don't mind but I thought I'd check in and say hello. I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow.


Sarah said...

We are praying for Luna to have a speedy recovery, she's a fighter!!

Derrick & Sarah

jessica said...

We are praying for you! Can't wait to meet the amazing Luna Ruth! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.
All our love,
Todd, Jess, Reese and Conrad

Sarah said...

Go Luna! She is beautiful and looks like Sienna. What a fighter, a speedy recovery so we can all give you a big hug and kiss.

Auntie Sarah!!

debbie said...

Paul and Sabrina

Our thoughts and Prayers are with you. She is a beautiful little girl.

Love Debbie Mike and Jamie

debbie said...

Paul And Sabrina
Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you. We will keep on Praying for Luna

Love Debbie Mike and Jamie

Sue said...

Hi Sabrina,

Congratulations on the birth of LUNA RUTH who is strong and beautiful like her mother.

Love to you all.

Sarah's Mother

No name said...

Greetings from Marblehead!

I'm a friend of your dad's (from the me&thee coffeehouse) and have been hearing all about your lovely family. He sure is a proud grandfather.

I am very happy to hear about Luna's birth and successful operation.

I'll look forward to reading more of your blog entries! Hope to meet you all at some point!


asutherland said...

Hi Sabrina & Paul,

Congratulations!!!!!! We are so happy to hear that everything is going well. Little Miss Luna is a cutie! She is lucky to have such loving parents and a fab older sister. Welcome to the world little Luna. Can't wait to meet you. Hugs & Kisses from Aimee & Andy

Anonymous said...

Dear Subbie, Paul, Sienna & Ruth,

We're thinking of all of you and sending our love. It's amazing how strong a little baby can be! What a champ!

Amy & Charlie