Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Luna Ruth has arrived!

Luna was born yesterday, March 11th at 5:23pm weighing in at exactly 7lb and measuring 19inches.

The c/s was wonderfully uneventful. The only snag was we were scheduled for a 12.30 but due to the high number of emergencies we were bumped to 5pm.

The planned c/s was completely different from Sienna's-yesterday was as every bit calm as the birth with Sienna was chaotic.

For those of you who've experienced c-sections you know the surreal feeling of laying on the gurney...with a curtain so you can't see any of the action (thank God, Paul likes to torment me after the fact with the gruesome details which are too gross to even share here) and you feel a slight tugging on your ribs a a pressure on your stomach then a tiny cry bursts into the sterile room and you know they've successfully pulled the baby from the womb. There is nothing like that newborn cry...

The medical crew washed Luna down and brought her bundled up to my face so I could see her. She's a zen-baby, so peaceful. We were happy that she scored 8/8 on her apgars as well!

Immediately after birth she was taken to the NICU to be stabilized (though she was doing really well-this was not out of emergency but rather all part of the original plan). Paul got to spend time with her and then she was brought over to the Children 's Cardiac division where she's been ever since. She's doing fantastic. The doctors put her on something that I won't attempt to spell at the moment...a drug that regulates the blood flow from her heart into her lungs. A drug that basically is doing the job of the missing ventricle. I didn't get to see her till the morning-which was painful-waiting all that time. But we finally went over at about 6.30am so I could get to hold her for the first time. Paul is with her now.

Next on the agenda...we find out the results of her echo cardiogram and find out when her surgery will be...we've been told they actually may operate on her tomorrow!!!

Thanks everyone for your well wishes...update to follow tomorrow.


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sarah said...

Congrats on the birth of your new child and I'm looking forward to meeting her.


Nichole said...

I'm so happy for you and your family. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to meet the Little Luna. Sienna must be so excited!!!

Janelle said...

Welcome Luna to this lovely world.

Sabrina, I can't believe that you have two pisces running around that house of yours. One on my birthday and one on my dad's.

Good dates, both of them.

Susan H said...

Sabrina, Congratulations! Luna looks so beautiful and perfect. Who would know that her little heart isn't perfect too? Hoping the surgery went smoothly. My thoughts and prayers are with you.