Sunday, February 8, 2009

Luna's 1 year (gasp!) sedated echo.

I thought I still had months before Luna turned one year old. I mean, everyone, including myself, still sees her as 4 months (my friend Sarah who lives in NJ asks me every time if she's sitting up yet. Um, yes Sarah, she's 11 months!!). And with life's happenings-both good and bad-smattering and battering us, I have not even blogged or told anyone that Luna goes in for her sedated echo cardiogram THIS TUESDAY(!!).

So, what does this mean? Well, for her entire 11 months of life I have been taking Luna to her NH card (Dr. Gauthier, who I love, love, love). The clinic is amazing, the nurses the best, and as you can tell by my affection for the cardiologist; I'm pretty pleased with her too. However, it's a smaller practice and they do not yet have the capabilities to perform a sedated echo. So, each time I've brought in Luna she's been awake, suffering and squirming through the entire hour long procedure. The plan all along has been when Luna approaches 1 yr old, she'll come into Boston for a sedated echo so the doctors may really get a good look at her. Basically it comes down to this: babies between the ages of one and just about two, won't lie down and have a probe pressed against them for an hour, so the doctor's have to knock them out.

The worst part of this procedure is having to starve the poor babies before the sedation. Luna cannot eat or drink beyond 4:30 Tuesday morning. What this means for Mama is I'll wake her at 3:45am to give her a bottle. Then the Architect and I get to make the hour and half ride into Boston for a 10am check-in. During the trip, I get to sit in the back seat and perform tricks so Luna stays awake. (the liquid sedation may not work if Luna has been sleeping for 2 hours prior). Luna will at that point be starved, so she may not be amused by my antics.

Since I've been through this before I know what to expect. The medicine tastes awful so I know Luna will object. However, last time I took her in she was not yet three months old, now she's nearly a year-and feisty. It's not going to be pretty.

Once Luna is knocked out Paul and I will wait while the echo is performed. The results are always immediate (like reading a fetal ultrasound).

So, think of us this coming Tuesday...prayers and general good vibes are kindly being accepted.


Mindi said...

We must be soul mates--McKay will be at the card Tuesday as well. I am sure Luna will surprise you. It seems every time I dread preparing Mac for a procedure, it goes vastly better than anticipated. And a wise woman from NH has thoroughly convinved me as to the power of positive thinking. Here's to hoping the results of the echo are thoroughly boring :). Much love!

Mindi and McKay

Mommy said...

There's heaps and tons of positive thoughts headed your way from Oregon! Please post an update when you can.