Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wading through the insurance muck.

Just a quick note to say I have spent over 2 hours on the phone today; all in effort to essentially figure out how to PAY for our very beloved, and very expensive child.

Next week Luna will receive her third synergis shot. Wanna guess how much the co-pay is? $25 you say? try $2500.00!! Actually $2511.98 to be exact. The best part is after 2 hours of back and forth, trying to get on a payment plan, but then realizing I needed to get off the phone with the pharmacy, and have them get on the phone with the insurance company because the payment plan HAS to start with them (Anthem in our case); we realized the pharmacy who doles out the shot had the wrong insurance information!

So, back to the drawing board... next up, calling Early Support and Services to get someone out here to evaluate the medical marvel also known as Luna.

Stay tuned for more insurance fun next time...

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Lyndsay said...

Sabrina ... I'm sorry! Navigating insurance stuff sucks. I also wanted to let you know I haven't been ignoring your email. I've horrifically behind on everything right now :)