Thursday, January 8, 2009

Luna's 10-month-but supposed to be 9-month appointment.

Due to one of the million snow storms we've had this winter (ugh, still some 13 weeks or so to go!), we missed Luna's nine month appointment. This morning, just 3 days away from her 10 month birthday we made it in to see Dr. Goodnews.

Coincidentally, we were instructed to go to the same examining room where, not quite two weeks ago, Luna endured her second in a series of six synergist shots. As soon as we entered the tiny, outdated examining room Luna broke out into a full howl. Though it was hard to hear my own thoughts amidst all this vocal protesting (and Sienna's muffled whining from below me), I had to admit...I was rather impressed she remembered the place.

I tried my best to quiet the poor thing. Sienna pushed her face into Luna's, offering her a rotation of silly expressions, which normally would have settled the baby. But Luna is onto this doctor business and she would not have any of it. She kicked and thrashed to the point that I had to restrain her (did I mention this girl packs a punch, and has quite the little temper to boot? Dr. Goodnews, actually said, in response to her thrashing about, "Girl you don't quit do you!") I finally had to thrust a bottle into her near-toothless mouth so Dr. Goodnews could hear what was going on. All and all she sounded great. She has a slight murmur-which are rated on a scale from 1 to 6. Luna is a 1. So nothing to worry about there. (in case you're wondering, many, many of us have a heart murmur, myself included. Really all it means is you can hear the blood flow. And in some cases you can hear changes in the blood flow because of some type of obstruction or in the case of Luna, a malformation of the organ itself).

Dr. Goodnews also heard a 'clicking' noise. Maybe it's the sheer exhuastion, but the word 'clicking' almost made me laugh out loud. I asked what this 'clicking' meant, and Dr. Goodnews, in his usual Goodnews-y kind of way, just said, "oh it's nothing, just her Glenn". I wasn't sure how her Glenn operation could result in a clicking noise, but didn't press, nor could I press, due to the aforementioned yowling.

Otherwise, Luna looked great. Her ear drums are a bit pink, but she has a tiny cold, much like the rest of the world's kids right now (well, at least in our hemisphere). And she is growing very nicely...she's 26 inches tall and weighs in at 18.7 lb (with a diaper). That puts her right in the 25-30% percentile for growth which is where she's been all along.

The entire examination was over in about 5 minutes, though I felt as though I had just run about 4 miles-at top speed. I packed the girls into the car and took them to daycare and wished I could have been the one sleeping in the backseat.


Mindi said...

Yeah for Luna! Let them hear you're here. We're all for spirited (and smart) women. So glad to hear the growth and adventure continues. You are all truly inspiring. Hugs, kisses and cuddles from our luny bin to yours.

Mommy said...

Hooray Luna!!!! I'm so glad to hear you are healthy and strong.

Now, if you could just let your momma get some sleep...