Friday, April 4, 2008

"Luna is our Little Star"

That's what her cardiologist told us while at our appointment on Monday. Paul, Luna and I trekked into Boston for her routine follow-up. It was different-mostly because I'm so used to being on the prenatal side of things-I wasn't prepared for all the children!
The appointment began with a weigh-in. Luna impressed us all with a weight of 7lb 14 1/2oz. Less than a week earlier she weighed 7lb 5oz. This is with me exclusively breast feeding or 'EBF' as we say in cyberspace. Both Luna's cardiologist and pediatrician agreed that we needn't implement with formula bottles due to her consistent weight gain. I was thrilled but not surprised because if anyone remembers Sienna when she was an infant she was a lil' porker! It was not until I stopped EBF that she started to level off with her weight. For the first 7 months or so she was always in the 95th percentile. Not until we introduced table foods and then she endured a few good rounds of stomach flu did she drop to the 50th percentile for weight-where she's remained ever since.
Luna's appointment continued on with an EKG-and nope, the leads weren't placed on her body opposite of what they should be. I asked... The nurse replied it was a good question but because Luna has only a single ventricle there is no need to reverse the leads. Either way, Luna's read was perfect. After the nurse listened to her heart and lungs-again all clear there-we all headed downstairs for an XRay. Paul and I braced ourselves for the worst as we entered the darkened, lead-lined room. But Luna's amazed us again. When the technician pulled out the infant box and placed our baby inside, Little Luna raised her arms above her head just as she should have-without us having to force them against her will. She's laying the very same way now as I look down at her sleeping in her bassinet. (There's something about infant arms-with their lack of intent and floppy motions that remind me of Grover arms-something that I find so cute.).
After the XRay we met with Dr. Brown, Luna's cardiologist. He again marveled at her recovery and health, at one point saying, "I bet people who don't know her have no idea of her condition". Yep, that is the truth. She's an adorable, good natured, happy baby girl! We discussed her next surgery, which Dr. Brown said would be in about 4 months. This took me by surprise, but it's really a good thing. Since she's gaining on a good curve she most likely will outgrow her current shunt sooner rather than later-hence her next surgery will most likely happen closer to 4 months rather than the usual 6.
So, until then we'll have monthly cardiologist (card) visits up here in NH and we continue to monitor her sats. Once they start to consistently drop from the 80's into the 70's we'll know she's ready for the next step-the Glenn operation. Until then we look forward to enjoying the spring and summer!

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Nicole said...

Luna is absolutely beautiful, she emulates peace. Wow, so happy for you all. Glad to here she's a loving mommy's milk! xo nicole