Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First smile!

How funny is this. For the past few weeks, Paul and I have been standing on our heads, cooing and making silly faces, and Luna gives us nothing. Paul even dusted off his famous baby voice for Luna and still, all we get is a wide-eyed stare. Actually, we often get a frown or a pout, with an expression that says, "what are you guys trying to do and whatever it is, stop it!". Yesterday, my friend Kristen stopped by for a visit and as soon as she scooped up our little bundle, Luna was hooked. Luna couldn't take her eyes off "Auntie Kristen" the entire time. As soon as Kristen started talking in her baby voice (we all have one) Luna was cooing, gurgling and smiling. At one point as shown in this photo, she looked to be almost giggling! Once again, Kristen lives up to her 'baby whisperer' reputation. To be fair to the rest of us, she has a degree in childhood development. Hmmm...so it takes a degree to get a baby to smile these days. That must be it!


Cathy said...

I bet I've got the knack too! Just let me get my hands on that beautiful little Luna and I will make her the happiest little girl on the planet.

I think every child knows where the candy is hidden. (at Auntie Cathy's house).

She looks great Sabrina.

xoxo Cath

Mommy said...

What a FANTASTIC first smile!! She's an absolute doll, and I'm so happy to read about her wonderful progress.

Phaedra (from BBC)