Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just because this is so hilarious...

...this was the scene at our house yesterday evening. This was not posed. Well, OK, Luna didn't exactly walk over and plop into her little infant seat-but the bunny and cat did arrive to this pose on their own.
For those of you who know the Stoucy, our cat, you realize how unlikely this sight is. Stoucy is, in a word, psycho. The only people who like her are Paul and my Dad-go figure. (I sense there is a joke there, but I'll let it be).

The rest of us can't stand her. The last time we weighed her she was close to 30lb. She weighs more than my 2 year old. She also thinks she's a German Shepard. As my friend Janelle can attest to, she once chased her around the house. It was truly frightening. I hadn't the time to warn Janelle one visit before she went over to pet and coo with the 'nice kitty'. Stoucy pounced. But she didn't stop-she chased Janelle up and down the hallway and around the living room-Janelle had to jump on the couch to escape-and Stoucy, who is too fat and too lazy-gave up and walked away. Even Sienna yells at her-something I'm to blame for, and feel a tinge of guilt-every time I hear Sienna scold, "Stoucy, No!". This command is hollered often when Stoucy is sitting cleaning her paws-completely minding her own business.

The poor bunny is another story. One freezing night, Paul convinced me to join him in a ride to some God-forsaken place called Mechanic Falls, Maine so we could check out a lop breeder. He thought Sienna would like a bunny for Christmas. Turns out, Sienna is like me, bunnies bore her. A few days after we brought the tiny furball home the novelty had worn off and no one could even be bothered with naming the poor thing, so we all call her 'Bunn'.

So, I guess it's nice to see that Stoucy and Bunn have bonded. At least we can feel good knowing that if no one else seems to like them, they have each other.


Nicole said...

So funny....the bunny and the cat! Must make you chuckle a ton!
Why not eh? xo nicole

Cathy said...

Bunn Bunn is absolutely adorable and so is Luna and Sienna. The cat, ummm I'd say "you can keep her". She's too much like a dog! I hate being chased around by dogs or cats who think they are dogs. Oh My!


Janelle said...

Ooooohhhhh... that CAT!

Claudette said...

this made me laugh- Thanks sabrina!