Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Synagis Scam

Synagis is the brand name for an inoculation that is given to high risk babies and toddlers to stave off RSV. During the RSV season, which is said to run from October to April, our special kids (sometimes referred to as chronic-yuck) are brought into to their pediatrician every 30 days to receive the biggest, sharpest, longest, scariest injection you've ever in your life seen. And I'm not exaggerating here, even the nurses and doctors will admit, it's a beast. So much so, that my 4 year old, who typically joins Luna and me to these nerve racking appointments, has coined the term 'points' for the injection.

Medically-needy kids (another term I loathe, but I don't have the time to invent a new least right now) are perscribed to receive the shot from birth until they reach 24 months of age. Luna technically has just one more shot to receive, since she will be 2 a week from tomorrow; but since she is going in for her Fontan surgery early this summer, it is advised that she gets the inoculation through the end of the season-which would mean vaccinating her into April).

What is medically advised and what one can afford are two totally different things. A thought, which apparently, none of the drug makers care to consider.

Two weeks ago I started making my regular calls to the two pharmacies we use to order the medicine. Ascend Specialty RX, which is local-ish to us, and located in Portland, Maine is wonderful to deal with. Only problem is they will not accept a payment plan. Period. And I think (need to look further into this) the reason is, their contracts with the Big Insurance Companies don't allow it.

This of course begs the question: why is an insurance company dictating how and when and essentially what kind of treatment we receive? To paraphrase someone's tweet on twitter last week: I think the big disconnect here is that insurance is not healthcare.

After learning Ascend couldn't accommodate a payment schedule, I moved on to Precision RX. They are located in Indiana, and while most of the reps I deal with there are pleasant enough, the company is completely inept.

On February 22nd, after about 2 hours of calls and wait times, I was assured it would be okay to pay an initial payment of $800 with monthly payments of $500 thereafter, for the remaining of the balance. (another tidbit of information here, the total price at Ascend, for the same shot, same exact dosage was $2400. At Precision, once it was determined that we would need a payment plan, that price climbed an additional $392 to $2791.64).

Disgusted, but determined to get Luna inoculated, I gave the rep our HSA account number, she deducted the $800 and the shot was scheduled to be shipped to Luna's pediatrician the following week.

Not so fast.

Yesterday morning I managed to get the girls up and out, so I could drop Sienna at school then race the 30 miles to Luna's doctor to make the 9am appointment.

The two of us tumbled into the office at the stroke of 9, and were immediately ushered into the tiny, dated examining room.

The nurse walked in a few moments later to explain there is no Synagis shot in the fridge.

Reeling, and knowing just what was happening...(I learned last year that if you need to go on a payment plan for these shots you are stonewalled; sure in this country you can finance your house, your car, your mattress, but a medically necessary shot for your child; nope, can't be done).

So I bundled Luna back-up, strapped her into her car seat and called Precision, putting the phone on speaker so I could get a head start the 30 mile drive back to Luna's school.

Finally after about five minutes on hold, then another five while the rep spoke with a supervisor I was told something along these lines: The shot was cancelled, something to do with Anthem not giving the proper referral, yes ma'am we'll look into it...our supervisor is on it...we'll call you later today.

It's now 9:30 the following morning, and I have yet to hear a word

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Paul Anater said...

I'm sorry to hear of your ordeal, what a mess. You ought to forward it to the Republican obstructionists and status quo maintainers in DC. This is what the health care reform debate is about at its most fundamental and it's beyond enraging that it's been turned into a shouting match where terms like socialism and death panels get traction. Keep fighting.