Thursday, March 4, 2010

Synagis Follow-up

Yesterday I posted a blog about, how Luna and I were treated like circus animals (as described brilliantly by one of my friends)-all in our quest to get our two year old a much-needed and time-sensitive shot called Synagis.

Just after I posted my blog about the Synagis/Anthem/Precision RX heist, I sent the post, along with an email to the aforementioned parties.

By 6pm when I heard nothing from any of the three, I have to say, I was feeling flat-out depressed and started contemplating how I could get my family out of this country, and into a more civilized nation; one where healthcare runs smoothly and affordably-and one where half the population isn't crying government takeover (a very clever and carefully crafted message to instill the very outcome it's generated).

Finally, last evening I checked my email around 7:30pm and a rep from Anthem had written to say "thank you for the note" and asked me what state we were in-to which I replied immediately: New Hampshire.

About a half hour ago, Precision RX, the suppliers of Synagis, the shot that Luna is now about 3 weeks over due for; called to follow-up.

This is what the very kind (and really, the reps-all women-are truly nice, it's the system that is maddening) said:

"Renata from the pharmacy solutions department at Anthem called to say that your co-pay for the drug would be $1825.13, and to go ahead and process it immediately".

This new figure of $1825.13 is indeed wonderful news, a vast improvement over the original $2791.64 that was due.

And somehow (as in it took a day of blogging, tweeting, emails and phone calls) everyone is perfectly fine with billing the balance after the $800 down payment into monthly payments of $512.57

I asked the Precision Rep why the co-pay dropped nearly $1000, and she could not answer.

Footnote: I actually had a few angry commentors to my previous post, one in particular called me, "full of crap". I think the most diplomatic rebuttal is to say, I love business, and if you are selling hand bags, furniture, jeans, paper clips and even coffee; by all means, sell for the highest you can!

But when it comes to lifesaving drugs, medicines, and medical treatment for kids (and adults); shouldn't we be a bit more transparent with the cost and yes, fixed with the fees for these services?

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Erin said...

Hi Sabrina,

I can't believe this is what you have to go through all the time. I am enraged that 1) the insurance companies have behaved the way they have, 2) our politicians have been doing what they're doing and 3) people actually send angry comments to your blog. Your tenacity, determination and commitment is amazing!! Evan and I love reading the blog and seeing pics of the girls!

So, there's not much going on in Ohio, but Sherrod Brown (my new favorite senator) is committed to the public option so hopefully my Ohio guy will pull through!!!!